Death---the Old Preacher by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Psalm 37:37

Now friends, I want to speak to you on Death. In Psalm
37:37 we read a wonderful verse. Maybe you will want
to memorize it.

"Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the
end of that man is peace." Mark the perfect man; the
end of that man is PEACE. In this passage we have the
contrast between the wicked, and those who are the
people of God. God always says in His Word (what we
find in fact) that the end of the perfect man, the man
who walks with God in wholeheartedness, the man who
lives an upright life for the Lord, is peace.

Now I am speaking today about Death. Death is round
about us. Death is The Old Preacher. There is much
preaching you can get away from. You don't have to
listen to a Gospel radio program. You don't have to
listen to any preacher of God's Word. You can pass by
every church in your city. You don't have to listen to
a street-preacher. You can turn away from the Word of
God wherever it may be preached. Church may mean
nothing at all to you. The word "preaching" is to the
masses a disgusting word today. But I want to remind
TO. That Old Preacher is Death.

I realized it strongly the other day, when a lady, a
member of my former church, came to the radio station
to tell me that her son had died overseas in the
service of our country, and that she would like for me
to hold the memorial service the following Sunday
afternoon. So Sunday afternoon a few friends met
together for that service. I want to tell you now what
I said in that sanctuary of God that day, with the
doors shut, the world crowded out, as we were alone
with The Old Preacher, DEATH. His text is always
"Prepare to meet thy God!"

"Prepare to meet thy God." Every time Death takes away
a loved one, he preaches to us. Sometimes we come down
with a dreadful disease; sickness takes hold of us,
and ...

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