Christ's Supreme Authority Over Heaven And Hell by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 1:18

Jesus spoke the following words to the Apostle John,
on the Isle of Patmos (Revelation 1:18): "I am He that
liveth and was dead; and behold, I am alive forever-
more, Amen; and have the keys of hell and death."

These are the words of Christ regarding His supreme
authority over heaven and hell. You will never have to
worry, dear friend, if you are trusting Christ as your
Saviour. Death will have no terror for you. Hell will
have no terror for you. Christ has the supreme
authority over heaven and hell. Nothing in the
universe is beyond His authority, His majesty, and His
control. There is no place beyond the reach of His
sovereign power. There are no creatures, rational or
irrational, man or beast, angelic beings or otherwise,
who are not subject to His Power. CHRIST IS GOD OVER

In the Psalms we read, "The Lord sitteth as King
forever and ever. His kingdom ruleth over all." The
Lord means the Lord Jesus Christ. He does sit as King.
He is King over all things in this tremendous
universe. He is the Lord of all of the creation. It is
wonderful to realize that the awful regions of death
and hell---two words that make uninformed men and
women tremble---are also under His control. To Christ
God the Father has committed the KEYS of heaven and
hell! His dominion is not only from sea to sea (as we
read in Psalm 72) to the ends of the earth, but it
extends beyond the land of the living into the land of
the dead. And if all kings shall fall down before Him
(Psalm 72:11), so shall the king of terror (which is
Death, as we read in the Word of God) fall down before
the Lord Jesus Christ, open its gates, and release its
captives. Christ is King over ALL. He has SUPREME

Christ was given this tremendous power and authority
as the Son of Man, as we read here in Revelation,
chapter 1. Christ was given this supreme authority
over heaven and hell BY HIS BECOMING MAN, and by
DELIVERING MANKIND. The purpose of His becoming man,
the purpose of His work on the Cross, was to deliver
the human race from the fear of death and hell, from
the enslavement of death and hell, the awful
consequences of sin. Jesus Christ came from heaven. He
went to the Cross of Calvary and died for our sins.
Any man or woman, boy or girl, who trusts Jesus, is
delivered also from the darkness and powers of hell.

The word "hell" in the Greek is hades, the place where
the spirits of the unsaved go at death. Before the
Cross, the saved and the unsaved went there. The saved
were comforted, the unsaved tormented. Since the Cross
the saved go into heaven to be with the Lord Jesus
Christ, and only the unsaved are in that place called

The question is asked, "What does this word 'keys'
mean, in the text?" Notice, it is in the plural. One
key is for death and the other ...

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