Eight Signs Of The Return Of Christ by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Daniel 12;4

I want to present to you eight definite, unmistakable
signs of the coming of the Lord, that indicate that on
God's Clock it is five minutes till midnight.

The first sign is found in Daniel, chapter 12, verse
4, where God says to Daniel, "Seal up the book till
the time of the end: for many shall run to and fro and
knowledge shall be increased." Daniel's expression,
"the time of the end," always has to do with the
end-time, the resurrection of the dead, the coming of
the Lord, the deliverance of Israel and all the tre-
mendous things that have to do with the end of the age
and the beginning of the great Millennial Period, when
Christ reigns on the earth. The time of the end is
mentioned several times in the book of Daniel.

Notice here one of the great signs that we are in the
end times---that of TRANSPORTATION. Many shall run to
and fro and knowledge shall be increased. I want to
remind you, my friends, that every major means of
transportation has been developed in the life span of
some people alive today. Why is it that this earth
rocked on for hundreds and thousands of years, and the
people knew nothing of automobiles, nothing of
locomotives, nothing of great ocean liners, nothing of
airplanes and other major means of transportation? Why
is it that now, in the very life-span of people living
today, all these means have been developed? Never
before in all history have people traveled the globe
as they are doing today. They are speaking now of
speeds of 2500 miles per hour! They talk about
tremendous speeds that are almost fantastic. But it is
not fantasy. It is cold, sober fact.

Now how did Daniel know, looking down through the
course of history, that at the time of the end, on the
eve of the resurrection of the dead, there would be a
great increase in transportation, people moving con-
stantly and rapidly over the face of the ...

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