Why God Can Pardon Sinners by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Psalm 25:11

If you have your Bible now, I want you to turn with me
to Psalm 25, verse 11, and we are studying today THE

Here it is in Psalm 25, verse 11: "For thy name's
sake, 0 Lord, pardon mine iniquity, for it is great."
That's a prayer. It is the prayer of a man who is
conscious of his SIN. It is a prayer to God. It is a
prayer for pardon for his iniquity. And my friends, it
will show us how we, too, can be pardoned for our
sins, for all of us have sinned and come short of the
glory of God, and we want pardon for our sins.

Now notice the two reasons why God can pardon sinners.

The first step in pardon is the sinner's consciousness
of his sin. No man will ever be pardoned till he
realizes he is a sinner. No man can ever receive the
pardon of God until he realizes that he is a sinner,
with all of its overwhelming guilt and condemnation.
Notice in this text that he says, "Pardon MINE
INIQUITY." Notice that expression, "MINE iniquity."
MINE, not someone else's. It is proverbial that it is
easier to see OTHER people's faults and sins than our
own. But that isn't true in Christianity. When God's
light shines in your heart and upon your own life,
you'll see YOUR OWN SINS, and they will loom larger
than other people's sins. You won't be worrying about
the sins of others so much as about your own! "MINE
iniquity." The Psalmist is condemned! The Psalmist
stands in the Presence of God. The Psalmist stands at
God's Judgment Bar. And when you stand at God's
judgment bar, you won't be worried about somebody
else's sins, pointing them out; you'll be worried
about your OWN sins! "MINE iniquity." ALL of us have
sinned and come short of the glory of God. It is
evident that God's Spirit was dealing with this man.
And you know when God's Spirit is dealing with you,
when you see your ...

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