by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 11

Anyone who understands the Book of Romans will
certainly understand the Bible. Anyone who does not
will certainly go amiss on God's Plan. We learn the
great truth of GOD'S RIGHTEOUSNESS. We learn that the
person who puts his faith in Christ has his sin
question settled, and that there is no condemnation,
no judgment, nothing ahead but glory for the child of
God, so far as the salvation of his soul is concerned.
Now we come to the 11th chapter. It starts with a
great question. "I say then, can God cast off His
people?" And the answer is, "God forbid." Does God
cast off some people, arbitrarily saving this one and
rejecting that one, wholly apart from their own faith
and belief? Paul says, "God forbid." Even though
people get away from God, God always has His Own in
this world, even in times of great apostasy. You read
in Christian history of times when the Light of God
almost flickered out, God had so few left in this
world. But at such times, God always has what is
called "His Remnant." Back in Elijah's day, it looked
like God didn't have anybody left who really loved
him. Elijah was praying and asking God about it. And
God said to Elijah, "I have left for Myself 7,000 men
who have not bowed the knee to Baal." Well, the 7,000
were not living on Mount Carmel with Elijah; they were
not living as close to God as Elijah. Yet they were
still God's people. God always has His remnant. In
these days also, God has His own on the earth. So
although multitudes are going their own way, still God
has His own people who will not bow their knee to the
things of the world but love Him and put Him first in
their hearts.

Now the remnant is saved by the grace of God, not by
works. We are saved by the free favor of God, not by
works, or any vision we may see, or some great
experience, but by the GRACE of God. So, Paul says, if
it is BY GRACE, it is N ...

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