Those Who Refuse To Have God by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 1:18-32

The other day as I was reading this passage, Romans
1:18-32, a terrible passage, God spoke to my heart
once again about the fact that there are multitudes of
unsaved men and women, boys and girls, and that they
are rushing toward an awful judgment. JUDGMENT IS
COMING, friends. You cannot say that there is no such
thing. Everyone who is intelligent and wants truth and
sincerity will face the Word and God, and accept the
truth of judgment.

It is a solemn thing that someday our lives must stand
the test of fire, the test of judgment. You know,
Japanese and Chinese silks are famous. Long years of
tradition are behind the making of these silks. It is
said that in China fine silks were made as far back as
1,000 B. C. and merchants who deal in real silks today
are very proud of that long tradition. Not so many
years ago, a way was found to make silks heavy,
artificially, and thus get a bigger price in the
export market. The Japanese merchants, especially,
adopted this trick, but the better Chinese merchants
did not. A real silk merchant will gladly demonstrate
the purity of his goods by snipping off a piece of the
material and burning it in a saucer. Real silk is
entirely consumed, without leaving a trace of ash!
Adulterated silk leaves ashes. I wonder, when our
lives and works and motives are tried by fire, how
much there will remain of ash, of insincerity, of
deceit. It is a solemn thing to know that one day WE
MUST stand the test of fire, and give an account of
our lives to God, in judgment. It is a fact written in
His Word, and we cannot avoid it. We are rushing
toward our meeting with God. How foolish, then, is

In the light of that tremendous fact, what about the
ungodly? If the day is coming when the works and
motives of CHRISTIANS will be judged, what shall be
the fate of the ungodly? God gives it to us in this

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