The Sin Of Ingratitude by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Mark 5:19

May the Lord help us today to search our hearts and
see if we are ungrateful to God for all He has done
for us. Oh, how thankful we ought to be unto our God!
In Mark 5:19 our Lord said to a man whom He had
healed, "Go home to thy friends, and tell them how
great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had
compassion on thee." This man was in a desperate
condition, and the Lord healed him marvelously. Then
Jesus told him to go home to his friends and tell them
what Jesus had done for him.

Friend, today, if you have been saved and your sins
have been forgiven, and you know you are a child of
God, and you are on the way to heaven, and your
inheritance is in heaven (as is true of every child of
God), HOW CAN YOU FAIL to tell your friends what the
Lord your God has done for you! What a sin, that we
are so ungrateful to God, that we do not tell others
about our Great and Wonderful God and what He has done
for us!

You say, "Preacher, He hasn't done anything for me."

Is that right? Nothing at all? He has just given you
life, and given you every breath you breathe, the
clothing on your back, given you health and protection
and everything that you have enjoyed! Every good and
perfect gift cometh from the FATHER ABOVE. Your LIFE
itself! And yet you say God hasn't done anything for
you, hasn't gone out of His way for you? Yes, friend,
the Lord HAS been good to you! He has given you
everything you have. And if you are SAVED today, HOW
MUCH MORE should you praise God, and let others know
about your great salvation. Oh, the SIN of

One reason why so many people today do not praise God
for His goodness to them is that they have had no
experience with Him. Someone has said (facetiously)
that the reason we don't have "Experience Meetings"
anymore is that we are NOT HAVING ANY EXPERIENCES with
God. In the old days, our fathers and mothers HAD
experiences with God. They had something in their
hearts. They told what God had done for them. But we
don't hear that much anymore. No, we are too cold and
austere, too dignified to tell it---if we have had
anything done for us! Ingratitude unto God, oh, what a
SIN it is!

In Luke 8:39 Christ says again, "Return unto thine own
house and show what great things God hath done unto
you." Not only TELL it, but also SHOW it, by your
life, that GOD HAS DONE SOMETHING FOR YOU. Demonstrate
it in your life.

Someone has said, "Christianity has failed."

Someone else has said, "It never has been tried."
Wherever Christianity has been TRIED, it NEVER has
FAILED! We ought to TRY it before we pronounce it a
failure. We should really try to live the life the
LORD wants us to live. We CAN live in the power of the
Holy Spirit. We can't do it in our own power. We can't
do it while we are in sin. We can't do it while we are
in a backslidden condition. We can ...

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