How To Become A Disciple Of The Lord Jesus Christ by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Ephesians 1:7

It is important for us to realize the tremendous truth
about being a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. To be
a disciple of the Lord Jesus means that we sit at His
Feet to learn what He has to say. If we are not doing
that, we are not disciples at all. A real child of God
will listen to EVERY WORD Christ has to say. Not only
that, but a real disciple will mark every word,
underscore it, let it catch his attention and his
concentration, in order that he might REMEMBER what
the Lord Jesus Christ has to say. Then he will apply
it to his life. He will seek TO LIVE that particular
truth that the Lord has taught. Without these three
characteristics, we are not truly disciples of Christ,
nor do we truly belong to Him.

Now what about people who have no deep love for the
Word of God, and no deep searching of the Scriptures
to see what they have to say: are they truly the
people of God? Listen, friends, these three things are
always true of real disciples: We will LISTEN to what
Jesus has to say (and how can we listen to what He has
to say unless we study the four Gospels?), and we will
MARK what He has to say (we'll concentrate on it, let
it catch our attention, and repeat it, for repetition
is necessary for memory, and we must keep in memory
the things Jesus has taught us), and then we will
APPLY His teachings to our own hearts.

What are the requirements to be a disciple? How may we
learn? How may we be among those who sit daily at
Jesus' Feet, listening to His Word, marking His word,
and applying it to daily living? How can we become
such? It is a very solemn thing! It isn't easy, and
don't you let anyone tell you it's easy. But, oh,
friends, it is NECESSARY if we are going to heaven.
That's how serious it is.

Now if you are going to be a disciple of the Lord
Jesus, the problem of SIN in your life must be
settled. ...

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