What Time Is It On God's Clock? by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
John 14:6, John 17:17

Our entire lives are ordered by the clock. We always
need to know what time it is. Nearly everyone wears a
watch. Probably every home has one or more clocks of
some kind. We have them in the car, the office, the
church, the school. Clocks are a necessity in public
buildings, transportation terminals, communication
centers. Everyone is time-conscious.

God sees time from the standpoint of eternity. He
knows the end from the beginning. History is being
poured into the mold of prophecy. God has a plan for
the ages, and His clock is running right on time. How
can we know what time it is on God's clock? By
consulting the Bible, which is the Word of God.
Years ago when I first started preaching, most people
believed the Bible. All we had to do was tell them
they had better settle the matter of their salvation,
because no one knows when God may call a person into
eternity. We must be ready when our appointed time

Young people sometimes look at me and think,
Well, he's an elderly person, and it's natural for him
to think about eternity. May I remind you that there
are some short graves in the cemetery. Babies die.
Older children die. Teenagers die. Young adults die.
Older adults die. People with no history of heart
trouble suddenly die of heart attacks. I never
expected to live into my eighties. Doctors told me I
wouldn't live to be 40, but I am still here and they
are gone.

No one knows when death may come. So it is only
reasonable to be ready. The Bible says, "Be ready." Be
ready to stop at any time job, school, home, whatever.
Be ready at any moment for death or the Rapture.

The Word of God Is Our Authority

I don't believe everything I hear. When I hear some-
thing, it has to be proven to me. The reason is obvi-
ous: People make errors. And when it comes to
salvation, you can't tell me how to be saved, and I
can't tell you-unless we go to the authority. We must
know what God says. I want to be sure of heaven, but I
make mistakes and other people make mistakes. Whom,
then, can I trust? God! And He has clearly revealed in
the Bible how we can be saved.

You say, "Brother Jess, you refer to the Bible all the
time." I surely do, because there is no other
guidebook to heaven. The only two truths we can
absolutely depend on for salvation are Christ and the
Bible. "I am the truth," said Jesus in John 14. And in
John 17:17, He prayed to the Father, "Your word is
truth." The only truths you can trust completely are
Jesus Christ and the Word of God. If you don't have
those two truths in your life, you are in trouble. I
hope you'll get into the Word of God for reliable
answers to the questions of life.

One of the most serious mistakes people make is to
depend on the preacher. But the preacher or other
Christian friends may not be around when you die. If
you don't kno ...

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