Do You Know that You are Saved? by Jesse Hendley

Do You Know that You are Saved?
Jesse M. Hendley
October 11, 1907---November 30, 1994
First John 5:13

"These things write I unto you that ye may KNOW that
ye have eternal life." First John 5:13.

Two high school boys are on their way to school. John
asks Jim if he knows the problem. Jim says he is not
sure; John knows the problem. Jim fails, and John
makes the grade. One did not know, and the other did.

Now in the great question of your salvation, DO YOU

One day at the Atlanta YMCA I asked a friend, "Is it
well with your soul?" He replied, "I guess not." He
said, "It seems too much like presumption to say we
KNOW we are saved. Too abstract, I don't believe that
a person can be absolutely certain about it."

But we CAN KNOW. How do we know other things? How do
we know the distance from the earth to the sun? How do
we know that we are alive, existing? How do we know
that the person we have been calling our Mother is
really our mother? We know these things because they
are established facts and we have accepted them to be

How do we know, then, that we have been born again?
Birth! To describe a man's entrance into the Kingdom,
Jesus used the word BIRTH. What is birth? It is the
beginning of Life, earthly life in this world, a
beginning, a brand-new start, completely new, not just
an old life repaired and worn and making another
start. It is the very beginning of Life. Birth is new

When there is a new baby in the home, it is quite
evident that that little fellow is alive! There is a
FAMILY. He is alive! He eats, sleeps, cries, and coos.
He is active! A NEW EXISTENCE.

When we have been born again, we experience a new
existence. Not earthly, but heavenly. In this world,
we know we are alive because we are in contact with
people and things about us. Moreover, we know best
those persons and things we co ...

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