Unveiling The Things Of Christ by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
October 11, 1907---November 30, 1994
I Corinthians 2:1-9, 14-16

This message concerns the Holy Spirit revealing, or
"unveiling," the things of God and man.

Three men were guests in the home of a friend. At the
dinner bell, they gathered at the table where a fine
dinner was spread. The first man was sick and merely
sipped a little coffee. The second man found a few
things on the table that he cared for and nibbled at
these. The third man ate heartily, being in good
health, enjoying everything put before him by his

Scripture tells of three classes of men: the natural
man, the carnal, and the spiritual man. Three men went
to church at the hour of worship. The first received
nothing from the sermon, but was impressed by the
oratorical abilities of the preacher. The second came
away, moved at the moment, by the singing of the fine
choir and the prayers uttered. The third man came away
with the Message of God in his heart and the sense of
God's Presence, desiring to go out and live for Him.

Now what are we saying?

If any man had the right to speak and write about the
SPIRITUAL MAN, it was the Apostle Paul! For to him
were given visions, revelations, and ecstasies. In his
missionary journeys he knew the Holy Spirit as his
Director, his Guide, his Companion, his Helper in
arduous labors. From the supply of the Holy Spirit,
Paul drew healing for his sick body and also power to
suffer and be strong. Paul's preaching was in
"demonstration and power" of the Spirit of God,
bringing men to conviction. Through the illumination
of the Spirit, he gained insight into the great plans
and purposes of God, for the church and the individual
Christian, for all time, having written it in his
epistles for abiding truth. The Holy Spirit filled
Paul with mighty force, for his colossal labors. The
Holy Spirit wor ...

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