What Manner Of Persons We Ought To Be by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
October 11, 1907---November 30, 1994
II Peter 3

Friends, we are living in a solemn hour. Dr. Hutchens
of the University of Chicago made the statement that
in five years time the human race will be going under
with atomic energy. They tell us that atomic bombs are
now 100,000 times more powerful than the two that
rained down on those Japanese cities and wrought such
terrible destruction. The world has never known such
fearful power. There is great fearfulness in the
hearts of multitudes today as they contemplate the
solemness of the hour. It has been said that if one of
the present bombs were to be discharged in the
Pacific, it would shatter a great portion of our
mainland, and we would never even hear the explosion.
Atomic spray would wipe out millions of people. This
very hour is a time of tremendous crisis, a time of
great darkness.

Not only do the people fear the bombs, but also there
is a real fear of a colossal war. In Europe, people
are resigned that there will be another war and are
asking simply "When," without debating whether there
will or will not be one. They know it is coming,
sooner or later. There is a hopelessness there, and
right here in our own land there is an increasing
sense of hopelessness. People know they are under the
grim shadow of WAR. Mr. Hoover of the FBI says he will
not be surprised if there is another terrible wave of
gangsterism in the United States. Juvenile crime has
mounted so high that the government speaks openly of
the dangerous time ahead unless there is something to
curb it.

I believe we are coming down to the end of this age.
The Bible has predicted that conditions will wax worse
and worse before His Coming. But thank God, there is a
word of hope for Christians! If we have placed our
confidence in Him, if we are trusting Him to take care
of us now and in eternity, if we have taken Jesus
Chr ...

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