Power With God by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
October 11,---November 30, 1994
Radio Message preached in August 1967
Hosea 12:3

Power With God Because of Power in Prayer" is our
subject today. In the Book of Hosea, chapter 12, we
have a tremendous expression. Verse 3, "He had POWER
with God." There are worlds of people who want power
with men, physical power, intellectual power. But,
friends, the most powerful man in the world today is

This refers to a man by the name of Jacob and goes
back to the time when Jacob wrestled with the angel on
that lonely night. He was absolutely alone and running
from the wrath of his brother Esau, whom he had
tricked. He ran to God for protection. Because of his
own sin, Jacob wrestled alone with the angel of God
until the dawning of the day. The angel of the Lord
was the Lord Himself.

We read this word, "He (Jacob) had power with God
because he had power in prayer." And we read in verse
4, "Yea, he had power over the angel and prevailed. He
wept, made supplication unto him, he found Him, in

Now notice, friends, how this man had POWER WITH GOD
because he had POWER IN PRAYER. There is no power with
GOD unless there is power in PRAYER. He wept, he made
supplication, and he found Him in Bethel, the house of
God. The true house of God is that place where we find
God in prayer. That is the true house of God. The
place where God lives is the place of PRAYER! I don't
care if it is some lonely desert place with a stone
for a pillow and you are totally alone, or whether it
is a thronged city with multitudes rushing up and down
the street. Wherever you are, it is in the place of
PRAYER that you will find God, and with God you will
find POWER.

"He wept." He was dead in earnest.
"He made supplication." He ASKED God for something.

"AND HE FOUND HIM." Beloved friends, the greatest
thing we find is not God's protection, but God

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