Walking The Last Mile by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
October 11, 1907---November 30, 1994
John 5:24

I shall never forget meeting Charles Coates the first
time. A Christian friend (who was in contact by mail,
and who was praying for him to be saved) asked us to
go to the Tatnall Prison and try to lead him to
Christ. I was returning from Savannah, Georgia, and
came by the prison to see If I could help him.

I shall never forget this meeting. I tried to talk to
him in a sympathetic way about his soul, but found him
as hard as nails, and seemingly unconcerned about his
dangerous condition, approaching horrible death in the
electric chair. He seemed not to know that his soul
was lost and that he would soon be in Hell.

I quickly changed my method of approach and in strong
language began to warn him of his dangerous condition.
I said to him, "Old fellow, you are soon to die in
that terrible chair outside your cell door, but YOU
will not die; your SOUL will be burning in Hell while
your body is burning in the chair." I then turned to
the 16th chapter of Luke and read him the solemn story
of the unsaved man who died, was immediately in Hell
and was lifting up his eyes, being in torment. Mr.
Coates' attitude immediately changed and he became
quiet, listening to what I had to say. I pleaded
earnestly but strongly with him, to give his soul a
chance to escape the flames of Hell. When I had
finished, he asked me where these passages were found,
and I jotted them down on a piece of paper for him to

He did not accept Christ just then, but he began to
dig into his Bible to find out where he was going
after death. Many other friends prayed for him and
talked with him and wrote to him, but it was alone
that he finally met Jesus by reading the Word of God
in his death cell.

Seeing him on another occasion, I congratulated him
upon his conversion and felt that he was sa ...

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