Do You Ever Worship God? by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 7:11

This is a great subject. You know, in the Book of
Revelation we read about the angels that prostrate
themselves before the throne of God. The Book of
Revelation is a book of WORSHIP. The whole Bible is a
Book of WORSHIP. From the beginning to the end we read
about the worship of God's people. Abel, back there in
the beginning, worshipped God. He came to God with his
offering and prostrated himself before God in holy
worship. We find other men also; Abraham built an
altar unto the Lord. What does the altar represent? It
represents a place of MEETING WITH GOD. He worshipped
the Lord. He took time out of a busy life for divine

We read, concerning Job, that he was a man who
worshipped God. Time and again, when his children had
some festivity or gathering for fun and pleasure, Job
offered sacrifices to the Lord in holy worship, lest
his children had sinned against God.

David led in the worship of the Lord in his day. So
great was David's love and worship toward the Lord
that he wrote the marvelous Psalms. The Psalms were
literal songs that were sung unto Jehovah. They were
songs filled with the Spirit of God, for David said,
"The Spirit of the Lord spake by me and His Word was
in my tongue." David invented instruments of music
with which to worship God. Some people, in their
worship, do without instruments of music saying that
they are not to use instruments any more; yet David
invented instruments of music and worshipped the Lord
with them. He says we are to worship God on all kinds
of instruments. This truth is taught both in the Old
and New Testaments. Ah, friends, we are to WORSHIP
God. All through the Bible, the men and women WHO

So, we raise the question now, "Do we really worship
God?" You know, there is a lot of "church-going" but
not very much worship of God. A man can go to chur ...

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