Divine Healing by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Numbers 12:13 Mark 3:14
II Kings 20:5 Luke 4:18
II Chronicles 7:14 Luke 5:18
Psalms 6:2 Mark 5:22
Matthew 8:7


There is much opinion today about Divine Healing. Let
us go directly to the Word to see what God has to say.

The Bible teaches divine healing. It is a reality. It
is a glorious fact. And anyone who loves God and loves
the Bible and has studied His Word will admit that the
Bible teaches divine healing. There is healing of the
body, healing of the soul and healing of the spirit.
Man is a tri-partite, or three-part being. We are
going to see what the Word has to say about healing.

The Healing of Miriam

We know the Bible teaches divine healing from Numbers
12:13. "Moses cried unto the Lord, Heal her now."
Moses, the man of God, was praying for his sister
Miriam. Now there is a solemn thing. Miriam was
stricken by the Lord with horrible, incurable leprosy.
The reason for Miriam's leprosy was the sin of her
tongue. "Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses, for he
had married an Ethiopian woman." Their speaking
against God's chosen one was a sin in God's sight. One
great man of God said that people would be more
careful about their speech if they would only realize
them and upon others. And so it is, friends. Oh, how
many careless, hurting words are going out, causing
sickness to come upon people today. The Lord struck
Miriam with leprosy simply because she said some
WORDS. But the words came out of her HEART. There was
the trouble. It was the sin of censoriousness, of
criticism, of judgment upon Moses' personal life as a
man of God, because of the Ethiopian woman he had

Verse 9: "And the anger of the Lord was kindled
against them." God had said, "My servant Moses is
faithful. With him will I speak mouth to mouth?
W ...

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