Our Tithes And God's Storehouse by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Malachi 3:10

Malachi 3:10 (Revised Version) says, "BRING YE (God's
commandment to His people) THE WHOLE TITHE (nothing
less, or we rob God) INTO THE STOREHOUSE (literally,
"the house of supply") THAT THERE MAY BE FOOD
(Spiritual food to feed hungry and lost souls) IN MY
HOUSE (the supply house is HIS house, but we must keep
it filled with provisions for needy souls who hunger
and thirst for His salvation); AND PROVE ME NOW
HEREWITH (He challenges us to put Him to the test and
guarantees tremendous blessing to those who tithe)
SAITH JEHOVAH OF HOSTS (He signs His Name to this
guarantee and cannot fail; His Name indicates that He
is able to fulfill His promise), IF I WILL NOT OPEN
THE WINDOWS OF HEAVEN (all the blessings of heaven
shall be poured out on the tither) AND POUR YOU OUT A
BLESSING (every time you pay your tithe, God pours out
RECEIVE IT (not only answering our prayer and
satisfying every need, but far beyond our needs--
-flooding us, overwhelming us, with His good things.)
And all this in because we tithe. You say "WHY?"
Because the tithe is an indication of love to God.

Touch a man's pocketbook and you touch his heart. A
man's money is at the center of his being. When he
gives of his money, he gives of his life. What a man
spends his money for indicates what he thinks most of,
especially what he GIVES his money to. A man doesn't
give his money to something or to someone he doesn't
believe in. Money is hard to get. Money costs life to
obtain. It comes the hard way. So money is a man's
life, for his time and sweat and life go into making
it. So when he gives it, he is giving himself.

What a man gives, or gives not, shows his faith, or
lack of faith. If a man gives not the tithe to God, he
shows he has no faith in God. He does not LOVE GOD!
The man who gives the tithe to God shows by ...

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