The Fall Of Adam And The Work Of Christ by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 5:12-21

One of the most profound teachings of God's Holy Word
(and it is very important for us to grasp it) is
Romans 5:12-21. The theme there is the FALL of Adam
and the COMPLETE WORK of Christ.

You say, "What has that to do with us?" It has
everything to do with us! We are either IN ADAM or IN
CHRIST. God sees us in one or the other. Now don't
forget this profound truth. There are only two heads
of the race: Adam and Christ. Christ is called in the
Word of God the second Adam. He came to UN-DO what the
first Adam did. All through this passage we read that
through Adam came all of our tears and sorrows and
sins. But through Christ, come all our blessings and
joys and victories. Every human being is either in
Adam, condemned, or he has transferred and gotten into
Christ, uncondemned.

In verse 12 we read, "Therefore, as through ONE MAN
sin entered into the world (and that man was Adam, in
the garden of Eden) and DEATH, through sin (death came
through Adam's sin) so death passed on to ALL MEN for
that ALL SINNED." Destruction and misery and
wretchedness came to all men through our father, Adam.
The first thing is SIN. Sin entered the world through
Adam. When I was born into this world, I didn't ask to
be born with an evil nature. But I was. So were you.
It was passed down to us from fathers and mothers.
There was a man, one time, who didn't have an evil
nature. His name was Adam. He was created perfect. He
and his wife, Eve, did not have a sinful disposition.
They did not have propensities to sin. They didn't
have evil thoughts and words and deeds. They never
felt the guilt of shame, in the beginning, not until
they sinned, they plunged the whole human race into
misery. And their sinful nature was passed on to all
men. That is why men since have had sinful natures.
Sin entered through disobedience in the Garden.

The next was C ...

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