The Signs Of The Times by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Isaiah Chapter 9
Psalm Chapter 2
Psalm Chapter 72

We are studying today the Signs of the Times and The
Coming Great World Government of our Lord Jesus

Everyone knows of the unrest and alarm in the nation's
capitol. A report came out of Washington recently,
after President Truman approved the hydrogen bomb, and
spread fear that the atomic race would lead to a
horrible war. Secretary Johnson declared that the
United States could be attacked without warning and
with unprecedented fury. One observer said that the
atmosphere of Washington was as of events hurrying
toward some tremendous climax.

That is the word of men who profess no knowledge of
the Word of God. They profess no knowledge of the
prophecy in the Word of God. Today's events are indeed
hurrying toward some tremendous climax, and that
EARTH and the setting up of God's World Government.
There is going to be a world government, but man is
not going to bring it about. The world government of
the Lord Jesus Christ is the ONLY HOPE.

Now we have entered the terrific hydrogen-bomb era.
There is terrible tension all over the world. The
greatest scientific minds of the ages are working
feverishly. On the side of the United States and her
allies, we have certain scientists, noble men, trained
physicists, who are constantly studying the H-bomb.
Russia, on the other hand, also has some outstanding
scientists on her side. We are told that they have
unlimited funds for this. They have a man who is an
expert on the H-bomb who is aided by two hundred
Germans including a prize-winning scientist. On both
sides, they are working furiously racing for the
control of the hydrogen bomb! It is a solemn thing to
think about. The British Intelligence Digest said that
Russia has already made three H-bombs and has had one
explosion of a bomb, and America ...

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