Our Victory Over Death Through Christ's Resurrection by Jesse Hendley

Sermon By Dr. Jesse M. Hendley
October 11, 1907---November 30, 1994

Easter Message
April 1946

"Thanks be to God which giveth us the victory through
our Lord Jesus Christ." I Cor. 15:57.

On every side we meet discouraged, downhearted,
defeated people. Theirs is not VICTORY, but DEFEAT!
This is not the life that God intends for us. He
intends for His people to have victory---victory over
every foe and enemy of our souls, without and within.
It is His gift unto us, and is the birthright of every
one who is born of God. It is a constant, day by day,
moment by moment gift of God. For what Paul literally
says, is, "Thanks be unto God WHO CONTINUALLY IS
GIVING US THE VICTORY." There are some blessed people
to whom God is constantly giving victory. These are
the radiant, bright, happy Christians with a
contagious happiness, joy, and radiance in their
testimony and lives. They are never defeated or
assaulted by the world, the flesh and the devil. They
are the "more than conquerors" that we read about in
Romans, the eighth chapter. They have trials, sorrows,
and afflictions as other people have, but they match
all the trials of life with the glorious presence and
power of God flooding their souls, which He gives them
moment by moment as His marvelous gift to troubled

This victory comes through the living, resurrected
CHRIST, living in our hearts. Oh, the glorious fact
that Christ is risen indeed, risen truly, alive, not
dead, near at hand, not afar off, but lives within our
hearts and in the hearts of all who believe on Him!

The RESURRECTION of Jesus was the central message of
the Apostles, and is the central message of the New
Testament for us today. People who lived back in those
days of the Apostles and in the days of Jesus had the
same trials, sorrows, afflictions, and disappointments
as we have, but they met them with courage, with

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