Walking With God In A Spirit Filled Life by Jesse Hendley

by Reverend Jesse M. Hendley

The Holy Spirit of God is vital in the walk with
God. There is a lot being said about the Holy Spirit
today, and I just want to deal with the heart of it in
this message. May the Lord help us to understand
God's Word. In Ephesians 5:18 the Apostle Paul
writes, "Be not drunk with wine wherein is excess, but
be filled with the Spirit," literally, "keep on being
filled with the spirit." Keep on being filled up to
the brim in spirit. He is talking about the spirit-
controlled life. If I had a gallon bucket of water
and I said to you, "this bucket is filled with water,"
then it would not have anything else in it but water.
And when we are filled with the Spirit we will not be
filled with anything else but the Spirit of God in our
lives. So it means the spirit has complete control
over our lives.

Most people never even come to understand this.
I am so glad I don't have to run my life. I am so glad
that I don't have to control it. God does it. He
plans it. So many people have never learned what the
will of God is. How to find God is a very simple
thing. Just walk with Him in prayer and in the Bible
and do what you can for the Lord as the Spirit leads
you and He will open and close doors and He will guide
you in His perfect will, by His Spirit. The Holy
Spirit of God will guide your life and when we meet
the Lord, that successful Christian life will be the
life that is the most Spirit controlled, and only to
the degree that I have allowed the Spirit of God to
control and guide my life, will my life be a success
in God's eye when I meet the Lord. Success is not in
human standards, I do not go for success by what human
beings write in books or say over television, I go by
what God says is success. The successful life is the
spirit-filled life. Only to the degree that you and I
let ourselves b ...

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