The Word Of God, The Seed That Produces Regeneration by Jesse Hendley

By Reverend Jesse M. Hendley

Over the years as an evangelist and a lover of souls,
I sought to try to find the best method for really
getting people born again and truly saved with the
Life of God in their souls. I think I have tried
every method possible to win the lost to Christ, for
it is a tragic fact that so many people join the
church and are baptized but give no evidence of new
life. They do not love the Bible or prayer or souls or
love the Lord. Also it is a well-known fact that in
our Baptist churches (as well as others, but we know
the Baptist churches the best) our children so
tragically come through all the grades of our Sunday
School and then go out as young adults and forget the
church, forget God and Christ and the Bible and give
no evidence of spirituality whatsoever. I am well
aware of the fact that many Christians backslide or
get cold or drift from God, but I am speaking of
people who give no evidence of any new life whatsoever
In their hearts and experience.

I have discovered in my campaigns that the greatest
abiding fruit, a trail of soul-winners and preachers
and Christian workers, have come from meetings in
which people were convicted that they were sinners and
utterly lost under the strong preaching of the true
condition of the lost found in the Word of God, and
then given a Bible promise from the Book, the Word of
God, which was explained to them, and then on their
knees they personally claimed that promise, calling
upon the Name of Jesus as their Saviour. Light
preaching does not produce strong conversions. People
simply walking down the aisle and joining the church
without a promise from God's Word do not usually
reveal new life. People who do not personally,
themselves, call upon the name of the Lord do not give
such evidence. But there is something about a person
reall ...

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