The Government Of God (2 of 2) by Jesse Hendley

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by Dr. Jesse M. Hendley
Judges 4 and 5

Now, friends, if you have your Bibles, turn
with me to the Book of Judges, chapters 4 and 5, and
we are studying The Government of God, the Rulership
of God. We found that God is ruling mankind today,
that God is moving on, that He operates in nations and
also in individual lives. If we could only learn the
principles and if we could have EYES TO SEE how God
operates and where God operates! We find that in the
Book of Judges, when a nation SINS against God, God
sends their enemies against them, and they stay in
captivity till they repent. When they repent, God
raises up a judge and they are restored to the land.
And that is repeated over and over again.

I want to call your attention to two
thoughts, we have brought out. One is "first-hand and
second-hand religion." Deborah had first-hand
religion. She was near to God. There wasn't anyone
else in Israel that God could use but Deborah. She
was nearest to His hand. If YOU are not being used of
God it because you are not near to God, because God
USES everyone who is near enough and surrendered
enough and spiritual enough for Him to speak to.
Deborah got her religion first-hand. She knew the
Lord. She was the strongest person in Israel,
spiritually, so strong that SHE could lead the nation
in victory over their enemies and God could pour
Himself THROUGH HER to give the victory to the nation
of Israel.

Now Barak had second-hand religion. He had to
get his call, not directly from God but from Deborah.
He listened to God, but THROUGH the voice of a human
being. In this case, a woman, because a woman was
NEARER to God than any man. He Followed God only as
Deborah followed God. He said, just before going out
to battle, if you don't go with me, I'm not going.
SHE planned the battle. SHE told him what to do. SHE
called him. We'd never have heard of Barak if it
hadn't been for Deborah. He had second-hand religion.
There are multitudes just like him. Are you among
those who depend upon some human being before you do
anything for God? You won't pray unless somebody
prods you to prayer? You won't pray, unless your wife
or your husband or someone else prays and the preacher
constantly talks about a family altar? You won't
study the Bible unless somebody PRODS you to do it?
About all the Bible study you get is reading the
quarterly or what the Sunday School teacher teaches
you or the preacher says from the pulpit? THANK GOD
for all that. But that is SECOND-HAND religion as far
as you are concerned. You are getting your spiritual
truth SECOND-HAND, not directly from God Himself.

The day is coming when ALL HUMAN PROPS will
be taken away, and we'd better learn to STAND ALONE
WITH GOD, NOW. We came into the world alone. We are
going to die alone. We are going to meet God alone.

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