Transformation - Just Say "NO" (4 of 8) by Steve Jones

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Transformation - Just Say 'NO' (4 of 8)
Steve Jones
Ephesians 5:3-14

INTRO: I was over at a friend's house the other day. He was helping me work on my van. His three year old son was running around while we worked and do you know what his little boy kept saying? 'No'. Over and over.

I like that. I like that because the only way little children learn to say 'no' is from being told 'no.' It's good for children to be told 'no.' I have a long article in my files about the benefits of telling children 'no', not giving them everything they want, setting limits and boundaries, enforcing discipline. It's good for them. Because the purpose of discipline is self-discipline. The author contends that we now have a whole generation of adults, my generation, the baby-boomers, who are having real problems with self-discipline and morality because they didn't have enough 'no' in their life when they were growing up.

'Hearing 'no' is a natural and necessary part of normal child development. Parents who establish external restrictions help the child formulate the internal limits that will allow them to say 'no' themselves later on to such temptations as teen sex, drugs and impulse buying. Because so much of American culture - from television adds to credit cards - is geared toward immediate gratification, it becomes all the more important for parents to teach their children self-restraint.'

This is a sermon about holiness. Heb.12:14 'Make every effort holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.'

Holiness has two parts, one positive and one negative. In a positive sense holiness is doing what is right. In a negative sense holiness is not doing what is wrong. If we are to be holy, we must say 'no' to sin. And today our scripture has to do with saying no to the sin of immorality.

I want us to see what to say 'no' to, why to say 'no' and how to say 'no.'

1) We should appr ...

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