Developing the Leader within You by Steve Jones

Developing the Leader within You
Steve Jones
John 21

INTRO: In Robert Schuler's book Tough Times, he says 'When I was in London, I visited a hall where a man named Mallory was armed with a banquet years ago, in the 1920's. Mallory lead an expedition to conquer Mt. Everest. And the first expedition failed, and the second one failed. Then with a team of the best quality and ability, Mallory made a third assault but in spite of careful planning and extensive safety precautions disaster struck. There was an avalanche and Mallory and most of his party were killed. He said when the few that did survive returned to England they held a glorious banquet saluting the people in Mallory's final expedition. As the leader of the survivors stood to acknowledge the applause he looked around the hall at the framed picture of Mallory and his companions who had died and he addressed the mountain on behalf of Mallory and his dead friends. He said, 'I speak to you Mt. Everest in the name of all brave men living and those yet unborn. Mt. Everest you defeated us once, you defeated us twice, you defeated us three times, but Mt. Everest we shall someday defeat you because you can't grow any bigger, but we can.'

Everything rises and falls on leadership. Not all of us have the 'gift' of leadership. Not all of us are 'born' leaders. However, all of us can raise the level of the leadership ability that we have by growing bigger in the Lord. John chapter 21 gives us five steps to developing the leader within us.


At this point in his life, Peter's ears still rang with the shrill crow of the rooster. He was painfully aware of his denials and disloyalty to the Master. Peter was weighed down by shame and guilt. 'You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church' Jesus had said. But Peter didn't feel like the 'rock', he felt like sinking sand. That is why he had gone back to the fishing trade. ...

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