Ministry of the Holy Spirit by Steve Jones

Ministry of the Holy Spirit
Steve Jones
John 16:5-14

INTRO: The cartoons of Buck Rogers in the 1930's showed uniforms that turned out to be remarkably similar to what American astronauts wore when they actually landed on the moon. No one was greatly surprised by the success of the moon shot. The prediction of a moon voyage runs through history. But science fiction writer Isaac Asimov reminds us that not one of the writers has predicted the most remarkable thing about this event - that when it happened the whole world would be watching on television.

Ordinary men can't predict the future with consistent accuracy but Jesus could. In John 16 He described the future of His disciples and it was a mixed bag of certain persecution to be followed by joyous reward.

In order to prepare them Jesus told the disciples about a helper He was sending to be with them in His absence - the Holy Spirit.

This morning we're going to study what Jesus had to say about the ministry of the Holy Spirit. We're going to explore three aspects of that ministry and in doing so I hope to raise our level of respect for the gospel, the Bible and the Lord.



1) In verse seven the word 'Counselor' in the original language is the word 'paraclete' which means 'one who stands beside' or 'one you can call on.' It usually has the sense of a defender in a court of law, especially a public defender. It's the same word that's used to describe Jesus in I Jn.2:1 as 'One who speaks in our defense'. When Jesus left, the Holy Spirit would become an assistant, a helper, to the disciples in the ministry of conviction, convicting the world of sin, righteousness and judgment.


1) The Holy Spirit is the convictor of the world. He has the ministry of conviction. What is 'conviction'? What does it mean to convict? It means exactly the same as 'convince'. The word literally means to 'convince by persuasion'.


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