Living Water (2 of 4) by Steve Jones

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Living Water (2 of 4)
Series: Jesus and the Woman at the Well
Steve Jones
John 4:10-14

INTRO: Years ago I was driving in Orlando, FL, listening to talk radio as I am want to do. They were interviewing a man who claimed that he had met Ponce De Leon in a bar in Miami. Ponce, who would now be over 500 years old, had in fact discovered the Fountain of Youth and was ready to make its life giving water available to the world, for a price. Investor's could get in on the ground floor of marketing for a mere $2000 per person.

I thought I'd heard everything until that night I was talking with the husband of one of our church members who had heard the same interview and asked me if I'd happened to copy down the guy's phone number because he was interested in investing.

Jesus spoke of a fountain of life-giving water, only His fountain is not a bogus myth or legend. Jesus' fountain is real, it's eternal and it's available.

As we continue in a series of sermons on Jesus and the woman at the well, let's turn our thoughts for the next few moments to the subject of 'living water.'




1) The thirst for living water is a spiritual thirst.

a. Often we need help in identifying it.

2) That is why the Samaritan woman misunderstood Jesus twice in this discussion. She didn't perceive her actual need.

a. If you knew, Jesus said, you would have asked me for 'living water'. Living water, in Jesus day, was a term for fresh-flowing spring water as opposed to stagnant water in a pool, cistern or a well. So naturally the woman asked Jesus if he thought he was greater than their forefather Jacob who dug the well. 'Greater' in the sense of 'more knowledgeable'. Did Jesus know of a spring nearby?

b. Jesus tried again, explaining that whoever drank the living water He had to offer would never thirst again. Once more the woman misunderstood. She thought he was talking about ne ...

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