True Love Is Valued Love (4 of 4) by Steve Jones

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True Love Is Valued Love (4 of 4)
Steve Jones
Ruth 4


Quote: Michael Grant on marriage, San Diego Union:

'We continue to adjust to each other, an adjustment that started 19 years ago and will never stop because we each continue to grow and change. We will always be different. I think of anniversaries as a time for roses and dinner; she prefers Mexican food and a movie. For Halloween she thinks apples are a good treat; I say, since when did Halloween have anything to do with nutrition? Don't mistake it for a solid marriage. There is no such thing. Marriage is more like an airplane than a rock. You have to commit the thing to flight, and then it creaks and groans, and keeping it airborne depends entirely on attitude. Working at it, though, we can fly forever. Only she and I know how hard it has been, or how worthwhile.'

Value is often a matter of personal judgment, i.e. 'Only we know how worthwhile'. We speak of 'sentimental value.' For example, this old pocket-watch that doesn't give accurate time may be worthless to you but priceless to me because it belonged to my blind grand-father who used to sit me in his lap, pop open the crystal and show me how to tell time by feeling the position of the hands. What is 'sentimental value'? It's the value we place on true love.

The story of Ruth is the story of true love. We have seen that true love is loyal, kind and trusting. Today, as we study chapter four, it becomes clear that true love is valued. Ruth helps us to understand that true love is valued in three ways.


Boaz went to meet the kinsman-redeemer at the town gate, which would be the equivalent of our city hall. It was the place where legal transactions transpired and were recorded. The ten elders gathered were acting in a legal capacity. He offered this relative the opportunity to buy the field that belonged to Naomi's husband Elimilech and the man indicated he would do s ...

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