The Implication of Mature Love (8 of 9) by Richard Laue

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The Implication of Mature Love (8 of 9)
Richard Laue
I John 4:7-21

This is the third time we have considered love in this series. The first message was "Walking in the Light Tested by Love". The second, "The New Birth Tested by Love"; and now love and maturity or mature love. If we were to rate this message, it would be for mature audiences only. The key to the passage is verse 12 ... "His love is perfected in us." and verse 17 ... "Herein is our love made perfect." Mature in the sense of the world means arriving at a certain age. Mature in the Scriptural context means "complete", "going on to perfection".

Love is to grow, mature, be perfected, become complete in our lives. A man standing in the greeting card section of a store was having trouble picking out a card. The clerk asked if she could help, and he said: "Well, it's our 40th wedding anniversary, but I can't find a card that says what I want to say. You know forty years ago it wouldn't have been any problem picking out a card because back then I thought I knew what love was. But we love each other so much more today, I just can't find a card that says it." Like that, Christian love must go on to maturity. There are five marks of maturing love in this passage. This sums up what John has to say about love in this letter.


The text of love for one another is not what we say to one another, but it is what we do for one another. When love begins to be perfected in our lives, we begin to respond to one another.

1. We are members of one another. (Romans 12:5)
2. We are to be devoted to one another. (Romans 12:10)
3. We are to honor one another. (Romans 12:10)
4. We are to be of the same mind with one another. (Romans 15:5)
5. We are to accept one another. (Romans 15:7)
6. We are to admonish one another. (Romans 15:14)
7. We are to greet one another. (Romans 16:3-6, 16)
8. We are to serve one another. (Galatians 5:13)
9. We ...

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