Fellowship Tested by the Believer's Walk (2 of 9) by Richard Laue

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Fellowship Tested by the Believer's Walk (2 of 9)
(Or walking in the light and walking in the darkness in contrast.)
Richard Laue
I John 1:6-2:6

John declares that our fellowship is with the father and with the Son, Jesus Christ. (Verse 3) The result of this is we have fellowship with one another. KOINONIA is the word for fellowship. It means communion and/or sharing things in common. This section of Scripture is to test our sharing together to see if it is on an eternal basis or a temporal basis.

Every church from time to time has fellowship dinners. Often after church on Sunday evening, we will have fellowship hours. Now today, we get to test these things to see if they are fellowship.

This section divides into three sections easily.

1. The truth about fellowship. (What is it?)
2. The test for walking in the darkness.
3. The test for walking in the light. (Simple outline, but profound, heavy truth is found here.)


False fellowship is to talk, while real fellowship is to walk.

Verse 6 ... "If we sue" ... "If we claim"

1:8, 10; 2:4, 6, 9; 4:20

Matthew 7:22-23 ... These are Jesus' own words. Profession without possession. It is not your talk or your experience that proves you are a Christian. John was dealing with those who had reduced Jesus to a high-powered experience. They didn't feel Jesus Christ had a body. Jesus Christ was floating around like a mythological mist. "He left no footprints in the sand when He walked,' they said.

We must test our talk. Talk is cheap. We test our talk by our walk. We test the tree by its fruit. We test the cook by her food. We test the dog by its bark, right? No, by its bite:

Verse 7 ... "If we walk" (Fellowship is conditional.) If we walk indicates that clearly. A Christian can be in fellowship, and he can be out of fellowship. You can talk your way out of fellowship, but you can't talk your way into fellowship. You come into fellowship with God an ...

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