The Fatal Results of False Teaching (7 of 10) by Richard Laue

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The Fatal Results of False Teaching (7 of 10)
Pastor Richard Laue
II Peter 2:18-22

A seventeen-year-old boy from Detroit made this statement. "I rob banks because one of three things will happen to me. First I will be arrested and get three meals a day and a warm place to sleep. Second, I'll get away with the money. Third, a cop will kill me and put me out of my misery."

That young man's life is a result of false teaching. Our whole culture is listening to the wrong message and is leaning against the wrong wall.

False prophets and false teachers bring a false message.

There are at least 70,000 gangs in L.A. Some believe there are 700,000 in gangs. Their life expectancy is age 19. There are 300 in gangs in Burbank. Who is going to target these youth and lead them to Jesus? Give them the true message?

False prophets, false teachers, and false teaching are popular, and they are getting their false message out to the youth of this generation, and adults are being drawn in too.

Today we want to get the bottom line result that comes forth from false prophets, false teachers, and false teaching.

What is false teaching? Anything that contradicts Biblical truth or confuses the Gospel.



What is their character? Their intent? Their ministry?

(1) They are spots and blemishes. (Verse 13)

They are sick of soul and spirit.

(2) They are accursed children. (Verse 14)

This is "apostasy," which means unsaved. They look at times like they might be saved, but reality is, they are not saved. Talk saved, but are lost.

(3) They are wells without water. (Verse 17)

(They are dried up and have nothing to offer. No matter what they say or do, they cannot quench real thirst.) They know nothing of the "Living Water" of which a man may drink and live forever.

(4) They are clouds driven by the wind. (Verse 17)

They blow to destroy; not to build. Their ...

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