Searching for Salvation (5 of 20) by Richard Laue

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Searching for Salvation (5 of 20)
Richard Laue
I Peter 1:10-12
February 23, 1997

When Leo Durocher was Manager of the Dodgers, he was booed for removing a popular pitcher in the eighth inning of a close game. After the game, a reporter asked Durocher how he responded to such criticism, and he said, "You know baseball is like church. Many attend, but few understand."

To be a true baseball fan, you must understand the game.

To be a true Christian, you must know and understand salvation.

It is tragic, but it is true many attend church, but few understand. I heard Dr. McGee say one time, just a few years before he died, that he believed that not more than 25% of evangelical Christians really knew or understood salvation. I will never forget that he said that. I just pray to God it isn't true.

So far in I Peter 1 we have considered verse 2, election; verse 3, blessed and begotten; verse 7, genuine faith. And now today the search for salvation - verses 10, 11, 12.

In this passage Peter states three things about salvation:


Salvation is always and ever the same. There was not one way for Adam and Eve to get saved, and another for Enoch, and something else again for Abraham and Sarah. Same thing for Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph, Moses' parents, and Moses himself. From Moses to Malachi there was just one way - by faith. And from Malachi to the Messiah there was just one way, and from the Messiah to you and me there is just one way. Jesus is the way.

Peter states in verse 10 that the prophets inquired (of God) and searched carefully for salvation. They already had it, but they didn't fully understand it. But notice the last phrase in verse 10, they "prophesied of the grace that would come to you."

How far does this go back? All the way back! Back to righteous Abel, by "faith offered a more excellent sacrifice than Cain." It was a "faith offering." That's the only kind God accepts ...

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