Overview of I Peter (1 of 20) by Richard Laue

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Overview of I Peter (1 of 20)
Richard Laue
I Peter 1:1
January 19, 1997

My intent today is for the Holy Spirit to give you a hunger and thirst to live with me in the next few months in I Peter; not just on Sunday mornings, but through the week as well.

After the Gospels and Acts the remainder of the New Testament is made up of twenty-two Epistles, and I would like to show you how these letters sort out and what is the purpose of each one. These letters, when you look closely, quite naturally and easily fall into three parts.


Immediately following Acts the first nine letters are to the churches. They were all written by the Apostle Paul. They all teach and instruct the churches in doctrine and practice. They cover everything that goes on in the local church. Our doctrinal position all flows out of these Epistles to the Church.

Romans Philippians
I Corinthians Colossians
II Corinthians I Thessalonians
Galatians II Thessalonians


These letters are not addressed to churches, but to individuals in the churches. These are for Pastors, Elders, Deacons, servants and for leaders that God raises up to lead and feed the Church.
I Timothy Titus
II Timothy Philemon

These Pastoral Letters are also written by Paul. If you aspire to any form of leadership in the church, read through and work these letters into your life.


These are the remaining nine Epistles in the New Testament, and they primarily are written to Hebrew believers. The original body of believers in Jerusalem was Jewish. The church at the beginning was Jewish. These final nine Epistles are all written out of a Jewish background and use illustrations and teachings, which come out of the history of Israel. Hebrews, the first of the nine, is written to the "Jewish nation" (1:1-2). These final nine Epistles were written to b ...

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