The Book Of Joshua Chapter 22 (13 of 15) by Harley Howard

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The Book of Joshua Chapter 22 (13 of 15)
Harley Howard

Read vss 1-4

Numbers 32:16-32, Joshua 1:11-18 (read).

Read vss 5-6

Every one of these commands were already given to them
in the book of Deuteronomy. Look at Deuteronomy
chapter 4:1-9, 6:1-18, 10:12-13,20, 11:1,13-15,
13:4,18-28 (read). It is quite clear what the Lord
instructed His people to do. When the tribes dispersed
the reminder was still given to follow the imperatives
that the Lord gave. When the Reubenites, Gadites, and
the half tribe of Manasseah went on the other side of
the Jordan, Joshua warned them of the apparent danger
of failure of following the commandments of the Lord.
He warned them that they needed to be on careful guard
at all times to perform obedience to the commandments
of the Lord, God. Let's look again, at the clear

1) LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD. This love for God was not
some one shot deal in the ancient past, but the verb
have a love that is active and demonstrated by
obedience. That has not changed at all today. We hear
many people claim to have a love for the Lord, who
frankly speaking, ARE LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH. You
don't have a love for the Lord because you SAY that
you do. Love for God is demonstrated by obedience to
His commandments. This is seen in both testaments.
Psalm 119:125-128, John 14:15-21, 15:10, 1st John 5:1-
4, 2nd John 6. So this notion that we can love God and
at the same time show a contempt towards His
commandments IS NONSENSE. There is no love whatsoever
between a person who claims to have a relationship
with God and has no obedience to Him. All arguments to
the contrary do not eliminate that fact.

2) WALK IN ALL HIS WAYS. The worshipper of God was,
and is, commanded to walk, as a habit of life, in the
direction of the Lord. I'll go one step further. It is
to walk as Christ walked. 1st John 1:6-7, 2:4-6, 28-
29 ...

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