The Book Of Leviticus Chapters 12-13 (6 of 14) by Harley Howard

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The Book of Leviticus Chapters 12-13 (6 of 14)
Harley Howard

In this chapter we have instructions concerning
uncleanness in childbirth. It's not that childbirth
in itself is unclean; the uncleanness refers to the
discharge accompanying childbirth that made the woman
ceremonial unclean.

Read vss 1-4

If a woman was to give birth to a male child, she was
unclean for seven days, which was followed by an
additional 33 days of purification before she could be
purified. On the eight day, she was to circumcise the
foreskin of the child. During the time of her
uncleanness, she was not to touch anything that was
hallowed, nor be allowed into the sanctuary until her
uncleanness was purified.

Read vs 5

If the child was a daughter, the time of uncleanness
doubled from 40 to 80 days. Why was this? I do not

Read vss 6-8

After her purification she was to offer up a burnt
offering and a sin offering. The sin offering for HER
uncleanness, not the child's, and the burnt offering
for her dedication to the Lord. If she could not
afford a lamb, she was to bring two turtledoves or
pigeons for the sacrifices.

Notice a very famous woman who offered an atonement
for her own SINFULNESS as a direct reference to this
verse. Turn to Luke 2:21-24. Mary, the mother of
Jesus, offered up the appropriate sacrifices, a sin
and burnt offering, to ATONE for HER SINFULNESS, HER
UNCLEANNESS. The reason why many people INCORRECTLY
make Mary more than what the scriptures say that she
was NOT sinless; she offered up sacrifices to atone
for HER SIN. She was not immaculately conceived, nor
is she the mediator in Heaven, or any other place.
Mary offered up sacrifices according to the
SCRIPTURES. This is another reason why we need to
study the Old Testament so that we can get an
understanding of the New. Luke 2:21-24 is a DIRECT
reference to Levit ...

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