The Book Of Exodus Chapter 8 (6 of 26) by Harley Howard

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The Book Of Exodus Chapter 8 (6 of 26)
Harley Howard

Read vss 1-2

attack on the goddess, Heqet, which was a woman body
and a frogs head. Supposedly frogs had divine power
and because of that, frogs could not be killed.

Read vss 3-4

We're not talking about a few frogs that would invade
the land, but a massive amount of frogs that no
Egyptian would be able to escape from.

Read vss 5-6

The frogs came and covered the entire land of Egypt as
God said would happen.

Read vs 7

What's funny about the Magicians is that they were
only able to duplicate the plagues, not to eliminate
them. This is clearly seen in the next verse.

Read vs 8

When it came time to remove the frogs, did Pharaoh
call for the Magicians? No way! He called for Moses
and Aaron. Notice that he's willing to acknowledge the
power of God, or at least that he needed the Lord's
help in removal of the problem. There are many people
who are just like Pharaoh. They are willing to
acknowledge God as long as He's able to remove them
from the mess they have placed themselves in. The
reason why Pharaoh was in trouble was because he was
disobedient to God. Pharaoh needed to get out of
trouble and he could not do it by his own pride and
means, so now he wants Moses and Aaron to get him out
of the mess. That's what many people are doing all the
time. They have no intention of changing their wicked
behavior, all they want is some Moses and Aaron to
pray them out of the mess their in because of their
rebellion against God. This is why oftentimes I do not
pray for certain people at all. I know they have no
intention of changing their sinful, rebellious
behavior, so why waste time praying for them?

In fact, the Pharaoh now concedes to let the people
go. He's even willing now, by what he SAID, to obey
God by letting the people go. Of course just as soon
as the trouble is remo ...

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