The Book Of Exodus Chapter 1 (1 of 26) by Harley Howard

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The Book Of Exodus Chapter 1 (1 of 26)
Harley Howard


The book of Exodus continues exactly where the book of
Genesis ends with the continual saga of the people of
Israel. The theme of the book is redemption as we will
see the sovereign hand of Almighty God move in
delivering His people through a great deliverance.

The author of the book, though debated, is Moses.
There is more than enough scriptural support to claim
Mosaic authorship. First, WITHIN the book itself we
can see that MOSES IS THE WRITER: (Exodus 17:14, 24:4,
7, 34:27-28)

Other writers confirm the validity of Mosaic
authorship from both testaments.

Old Testament

- Joshua: Joshua 8:34-35 - King David: 1st Kings 2:1-3
- Ezra: Nehemiah 8:1-3,8 as well as in Ezra 6:16-18
- Daniel: Daniel 9:9-13

New Testament

THE BOOK OF EXODUS. Mark 12:26, is a quotation from
Exodus 3:6 which gives authorship of the book to
Moses. Mark 7:10, has 2 quotations from Exodus 20:12
and 21:17. Again, Jesus gave authorship of the book to

The date is also debated as to the credibility of the
book. The strongest evidence is within the scriptures
themselves. In 1st Kings 6:1, the writer clearly
states that the children of Israel came out of Egypt
480 years before Solomon's reign. The fourth year of
Solomon's reign was 966 BC. That would place the date
of the Exodus around 1445 BC. Later dates are offered
by skeptics to discredit not only the authenticity of
the writer, but of the entire biblical record itself.

The book, as stated earlier, is a continuation of the
book of Genesis, showing us the brief details of the
death of the generation of Joseph, his brothers, and
their generation. The theme is redemption. Redemption,
simply stated, means salvation, deliverance, and, to
rescue. This is seen in through the entire book of

The principle character of the book ...

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