The Book Of Hebrews Chapter 2:4-18 (5 of 24) by Harley Howard

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Harley Howard

NOTICE THE END OF HEBREWS 2:4. God gave the gifts
ACCORDING TO HIS OWN WILL. The gifts were NOT bestowed
because someone asked for it or wanted them, but the
Lord gave these sign gifts to a few select chosen men
according to His own will.

The message of salvation was not something that was
hidden by God to His creation, rather, the
distribution of it was overwhelming. From the Law of
Moses unto this very day, God has attempted to reach
His lost creation with the hope of salvation. Or as
the writer of Hebrews already stated, God, who at
sundry time and in diverse manners, spake. To ignore
salvation is an eternal death sentence, because there
have been so many witnesses to the message delivered.
The prophets, the Son of God Himself, His apostles and
even believers today. There is no excuse for a man or
woman to ignore the message of salvation. There is
also no escape for a man or woman who ignores the
message of salvation. The unbeliever, the non-
Christian, will not miss hell nor the lake of fire. It
is at the apex of ignorance and presumption, the
climax of stupidity and brazenness to think for a
microsecond that a man or woman, who will reject the
message of salvation, the message that delivers from
sin and sure judgement to come, will escape a well
deserved plunge into the depths of the lake of fire.
When God has been so gracious in giving us the
opportunity to come to Him and to be saved, through
the death of His Son, and we will not have anything to
do with Him, we will surely die and we will surely NOT

This salvation message, the message of eternal life,
and rescue from eternal death, first came by the LORD
HIMSELF, then through those who heard Him, namely, THE
APOSTLES. Throughout Jesus entire earthly ministry, He
offered men and women everywhere the opportunity to
receive eternal life through Him.

Luke 19:9-10 ...

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