The Epistle To The Romans Chapter 7 (10 of 25) by Harley Howard

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The Epistle To The Romans Chapter 7 (10 of 25)
Harley Howard

As we proceed today with one of the most controversial
chapters in the bible, and I'm not sure why that it is
so controversial to many, there are some factors that
we must address to obtain a proper interpretation of
this chapter. I am convinced that there are attempts
at application without the proper interpretation. So
what are the factors?

1) Chapter 7 of Romans is actually a continuation of

> That point may be the most significant reason why
there is so much mishandling of this chapter.

2) Not only is the 7th chapter of Romans a
continuation of chapter 6, but of chapters 1-6 and a
prelude to chapters 8-16

3) The main point of Romans chapter 7 is the
continuation of the previous thought discussed, more
specifically, in chapters 4-6, in particular, that
Christians are no longer under the Law and the bondage
of sin, which the Law revealed, but rather, we obtain
salvation, which we saw is a right standing with God
and freedom from the bondage of sin because of union
with Christ. The result of this right standing being
newness of life.

4) The COMPLETE AND PROPER understanding of Paul's
thoughts are found in Romans 7:1-25, and not through
Romans 7:14-25. Many books have been written on this
subject with the emphasis on verses 14-25.

Some of the authors elevate these verses (14-25)
almost to a fever pitch by stating that contained in
these verses are the blueprint for the normal
Christian life. If you were to believe the
contemporary view of Romans 7, as taught by the
majority of evangelical preachers, pastors, radio and
TV whatevers, you will live in complete defeat in your
Christian life. While elevating verses 14-25,
ironically, many of these same men ignore the obvious
theme of the first 6 chapters of Romans, which is
Christ ...

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