The Epistle To The Romans - Introduction And Chapter 1:1-15 (1 of 25) by Harley Howard

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The Epistle To The Romans - Introduction and Chapter
1:1-15 (1 of 25)
Harley Howard

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest studies that any
church or individual could ever embark on in a study
in the book or epistle to the Romans. There are many
ways that one teacher differs from another as to how
the epistle is divided.

THE FIRST 8 CHAPTERS deal with the sinfulness of man
and the redemption from God, through Christ Jesus.
These chapters also contains the declaration of
victory for all believers to live the Christian life
as a result of the redemption that is in Christ.

Chapters 9-11 deals with God's plan for Israel and His
election of them.

Chapters 12-16 deals with believers living out the
Christian life in all areas of life, i.e., social,
church and personal life. These chapters contain
valuable information about the believer's obedience to
the governmental authorities and how to deal with
conflicts between strong and weak saints, as well as
Paul's personal comments to saints and his admonition
against divisive elements in the church body, i.e.,
false teaching and false teachers.


Paul was of true Jewish decent. He was closely
associated within the center of Judaism in Jerusalem.
He was zealous above his own contemporaries, even his
teachers. He was born into a family of means and was
a Roman citizen, which brought him many rights and
privileges. He had access to Caesar himself, his
citizenship prevented him from being crucified, or
scourged. He was trained at the feet of one of the
most learned men of Judaism, Gamaliel. The training
of Gamaliel involved rigorous study of the Jewish
scriptures in the O.T. together with extensive
comments of the learned Rabbi's concerning them. Paul
was a master in the knowledge of the O.T. scriptures
and of the Jewish teachings of his day.

THE PURPOSE OF THE LETTER. This letter reveals that
me ...

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