How's Your Hand And Heart? by Ken Trivette

Ken Trivette
Mark 3:1-6

A) The Condition Of The Hand
B) The Cure Of The Hand
A) They Were Watching Instead Of Worshipping
B) They Were Ridiculing Instead Of Rejoicing

As you read the four Gospels, one thing you learn
about the Lord Jesus is that He attended Church on a
regular basis. We read in verse 1 that Jesus “entered
again into the synagogue.” The Synagogue was to the
Jews what Church is to the Christian. Note carefully
that the Bible says Jesus “entered again.” This was
His custom and practice.

I read about this fellow who lay out of Church one
Sunday to go hunting. All of a sudden it came a
downpour. He sought shelter in a hollow log. The rain
lasted for several hours and soaked the wood. The log
began to contract. When the storm was over the hunter
found that he could not get out. He tried everything,
but could not get out of the log. All of a sudden he
started to panic. He thought to himself, “I am hung
inside this log and no one will ever be able to find
me. I will starve to death inside this log.” It was
then he remembered it was Sunday and that he should
have been in Church. This made him feel so small he
was able to crawl out of the log without any

A Nashville Newspaper carried a story about a Mrs.
Lila Craig. The story told of how Mrs. Craig, in her
eighties, had not missed Church in 1,040 Sunday’s. The
editor commented, “It makes one wonder, what’s the
matter with Mrs. Craig? Doesn’t it ever rain or snow
in her town on Sunday? Doesn’t she ever have
unexpected company? How is it that she never goes
anywhere on Saturday night so that she’s too tired to
attend the worship service the next morning? Doesn’t
she ever 'beg off’ to attend picnics, or family
reunions, or have headaches, colds, nervous spells, or
tired feelings? Doesn’t she ever over-sleep or need
time ...

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