The One True God (GOD) (1 of 12) by Jim Henry

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THE ONE TRUE GOD (God) (1 of 12)
Christianity for Dummies
Rev. Jim Henry, Pastor
Genesis 1:11, Jeremiah 9:23-24

You know two weeks ago you all said, "Hey, Dude,
you got a Dell!" Well, I don't know a thing about a
computer so I've got this thing called WORD 2002 FOR
beamed that thing up the other night. It talks to
you. It said, "Do you have the new windows?" I said,
"No, we just repainted our old ones last year." So
this is a whole new world for me and I've got to get
into and learn this thing. I am going to do it.
Before you know it I'll being doing power point
presentations up here.
You know, just as I am illiterate about
computers, a lot of people are illiterate about the
Bible and about our faith. We thought about this
title, that people will say, "My intelligence is
insulted. I can't believe the preacher would do
something like that!" We don't want to insult
anyone's intelligence. We just realize that we are
all on a journey and we are all learning. I have been
on it for awhile and I am still learning and have a
whole lot more to learn.
I felt like we needed to go back to our core
values and teach what we really believe. Now this was
enforced even more succinctly recently. These answers
came from students. I am not going to tell you the
denomination but it was a church in South Carolina.
They asked their students some test questions on the
Bible. Now these are students in a church! Here are
some of the answers they had:

The first book of the Bible is Guinness's in
which Adam and Eve were created from an apple tree.

Lot's wife was a pillar of salt by day and a ball
of fire by night.

Noah's wife was called Joan of Arc.

Samson slayed the Philistines with the Acts of
the Apostles.

Moses went to the top of Mount Sinai to get the
Ten Commandments and the seventh commandment is thou
shall n ...

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