Israel and Biblical Prophecy (1 Of 4) by Larry Wynn

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Israel and Biblical Prophecy (1 of 4)
Series: Biblical Prophecy
Genesis 17
Larry Wynn


a. It is impossible to understand biblical prophecy without understanding Israel.

b. (Adrian Rogers) Israel is the nerve center of the world.

1. It is the geographical center.

‘‘thus says the lord god: this is Jerusalem; I have set her in the midst of the nations and the countries all around her.’’

ill. Go to the church of the holy sepulcher in Jerusalem. You will find a spot marked: ‘‘this is the center of the earth.’’ Israel is a strategic place. It is an ancient military and economic crossroads.

2. It is the spiritual center of the world. Israel gave to us Moses, and the prophets, and Jesus.

ill. Via dolorosa

3. It is the prophetic center of the world. Its future is foretold in the bible.

4. It is the battle center of the world.

ill. The battle of Armageddon.

5. It is the peace center of the world.

ill. Never have peace until Jerusalem has peace. Jerusalem will never have peace until the prince of peace rules there.

c. The nation of Israel and its history explains much of what will take place as the end of the age draws near. Today, we will look at the history of Israel past, present, and future.

I. The promise.

a. God promised to make a great nation out of the descendants of Abraham.

b. The nation would be a miracle nation.

1. Miracle in preservation. Vs. 7. God promised an everlasting covenant with Israel.

ill. Nations have come and gone, but not Israel. America is a little over 200 yrs. Old. Israel is thousands of years old. 2. Miracle in provision. Vs. 8.

ill. Give to them a land. The land over which they battle today.

3. Miracle in procreation. Vs. 15-17.

ill. Abraham thought he was a little old for the preschool department.

II. The problem.

a. Abraham had two sons. Vs. 18.

1. Abraham had a son by a slave woman named Hagar.

ill. Could not wait for god’s promise.

2. Now Isaac was to be born.

b. The problem lies in the fact both claim to be descendants of Abraham.

1. From Ishmael has come the Arab race.

2. From Isaac has come the Jewish race.

ill. When I toured Israel we had guides from both. It was interesting to listen to the arguments presented by both.

c. How will the issue be settled?

1. By the un or other peace accords? No.

2. By the word of god. Vs. 20-21.

ill. That is why there is strife today between the two.

ill. Note: god loves Ishmael. He loves the Arab nations. It is not that Israel is always right and the Arabs are always wrong. But, in god’s sovereignty he gave the land to Israel.

III. The pain.

god had promised Israel much. But the history of the nation has been one of:

a. Rebellion. (god gave Israel three things. They mistreated them all.

1. They defiled the land.

2. They defied the law.

3. They denied the lord.

b. Retribution.

1. Israel has been a nation persecuted throughout its long hi ...

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