When Temptation Comes by Larry Wynn

MATTHEW 4:1-11
JUNE 13, 1993


A. What are the temptations people have the
greatest struggles with today? A survey of
"Discipleship Journal" readers revealed:

1. Materialism at the top for the number
one temptation. This was followed by
pride, self-centeredness, and
laziness. Anger/bitterness tied for
fifth place with sexual lust. Envy,
gluttony, and lying rounded out the

2. Respondents also shared they feel most
vulnerable to temptation when they
have not been spending much time with
God (81%) and when they are overtired

3. The most effective strategies for re-
sistiang recurring temptations were
prayer (84%), avoiding tempting sit-
uations (76%), Bible study (66%), and
accountability to someone else(52%),

B. Three preliminary observations I want to
make before getting into a message that will
help you deal with temptation.

1. There is a vast difference between
temptation and sin.

2. The greater your position in life the
greater the temptation.

3. Jesus Christ is the source of power for
effectively dealing with temptation.
(Don ...

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