Responding To The Good News by Larry Wynn

MATTHEW 13:1-9;18-23
FEBRUARY 13, 1994


A. If you were to travel at the speed of light
which is 186,000 miles per second:

1. In 2 sec. you would travel past the

2. In 8 min. you would travel past the

3. In 4 months you would be at the edge
of the solar system.

4. In 5 years you would be at the closest
star, Alpha Centauri A.

5. In 100,000 years you would exit from
our galaxy.

6. In 1.5 million years you would reach
the next closest galaxy.

Scientists now have telescopes that can see
four and one-half billion light years into
space. And yet the Bible says God holds all
that in the palms of His hand.

B. God is a mighty and powerful God. Everyone
ought to fall in love with a God like that,
yet they don't.

C. Why?

1. Is it a problem of not knowing.

2. Not in this country. The Gospel is
being shared in more ways than ever.

3. The problem is not hearing the Good
news. It is in our response to it.

D. Jesus told a story to illustrate.

1. The sower is Christ.

2. The seed is the good news of ...

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