A Portrait Of Deception by Robert Walker

Robert Walker


It has been the overwhelming desire, the master plan,
the burning ambition of Satan to unite this world into
a single kingdom that he could rule and reign over.
But all of his efforts have failed and his final
effort will also end in failure.

One person will only occupy the throne, of this
universe, and that person is the Lord Jesus Christ.

According to Psalm 2 no one may usurp His throne. No
one may over throw his rule, and no one can take away
His kingdom.

I want to talk about the Anti-Christ, a Portrait of
Deception. I believe that the word discrimination is a
key word in our day. We need to learn to be

We need to think right in order to live right. It is
obvious that the world is in deep trouble. I'm not an
alarmist. But our future will be a time of wildness
beyond our wildest imagination.

Francis Shaffer in one of his books says, that mankind
has crossed the line of despair because the concerns
of our society no longer rest on a Judean Christian
base but rather a humanistic philosophy.

Carl Henry the great theologian has stated, "It is
possible that God will bring judgment on America." We
have massacre 43 million fetuses.

A deliberate flight from the traditional family,
normalizing of fornication and homosexuality and all
kinds of perversion, a propagation of self-indulgence
over social concerns, all represent a moral breakdown
in this country.

Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones one of Britain greatest
theologian believes that nothing can save our country
but churches and Pastors on their knees in total
dependence on God.

He went on to say that the main business of the church
is bring men and women to a realization that man is a
sinner facing the judgment of almighty God.

All of my life I have opposed marking the calendar,
and getting out charts, and setting the time for the
coming of the Lord but ...

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