The Conversion Of A Five Star General by Robert Walker

Robert Walker


Joel Gregory told of a blind, poor and hungry Indian
beggar who sat beside a road, starved from the
scarcity of travelers and how much rich they could
give him. One day he heard the thunder of a chariot in
the distance. It was the grand entourage of the
Maharajah, who was known to have to performed miracles
for the poor. This was a moment that had never come
before. Surely the Great One would stop and give him
baskets of rice.

Indeed, the golden chariot of the Maharajah stopped
before the poor beggar. The Great One stepped down and
the beggar fell before him. However, I couldn't
believe the stinginess of the Great Maharaja, who said
to him, "Give me your rice."

An unpleasant, a repulsive, dark scowl masked the face
of the beggar. He reached into his bowl and flung a
grain of rice toward the Maharajah. The Great One
said, "Is that All?" Next, the beggar spat on the
ground, cursed and, in disgust, threw him another
grain of rice. The Great One turned, entered his
chariot, and was gone.

The beggar- angry, moody, and grouch-fingered the
remaining riche he had in his bowl. He felt something
hard, glistening, something different from rice. He
pulled it out. It was a grain of gold. He poured out
his rice, caring nothing for it now, and found another
grain of gold. The poor beggar regretted what he had
done. If only had he trusted the Great One, he would
have had a grain of gold for every grain of rice.
(Pulpit Helps)

This is the story of a man who had the gold but needed
the grace. He trusted the great one and was gloriously

The biography of Naaman is a vivid and graphic story
that gives us insight to the love of God. Love without
any limits. This story is filled with such meaning. A
five star general, Syria's George Washington, or
Eisenhower, or MacArthur is the possessor of a
repulsive disease c ...

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