Transcending Your Tragedies by Robert Walker

Robert Walker
PS 63


A British grandmother at the very height of the London
blitz during World War II refused to leave her
downtown flat.

Practically every day, her son would urge her to move
to his suburban home-locate a much safer distance from
the intensity of the bombing. Stubbornly, she refused.
After all, she could not leave her work helping the
wounded and the homeless. She was needed. Besides, she
trusted the words of plaque on her wall" - DON'T
WORRY! IT MAY NEVER HAPPPEN!" Constantly, she referred
her son and family to the motto and reassured them
that all would be well.

Then one day it happened - her apartment complex was
hit. Two-thirds of the building was demolished. The
son's family rushed to her flat as soon as they heard
the news. They found her rocking in her favorite chair
singing her favorite hymn. Debris was strewn all about

In exasperation the son shouted at her, "Now what
about your motto? It didn't seek you through!"

"Oh, my goodness," she exclaimed, "I forgot to turn it
over." She turned from her chair and flipped the
plague to the opposite side. There in shining letters

Well my friend that is exactly what David learned
about life. Can you imagine how you would feel If your
own son turned against you. Absalom a patient and
diligent schemer poison all of David's friends and won
them to himself. And then ran you away from your home
so that you left town with only the clothes on your

For David the bottom dropped out. Everything that had
meaning, purpose, and made sense for him was lost.
What do you do? Do you play it by ear. Do the best you
can. "Make the best of your circumstances."

What do you do when life goes flat? My dear friend
David wrote a Psalm and it is one of the greatest
Psalms ever written Absalom, his son, had turned a
whole nation against him and ...

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