I See Dead Men Walking by Robert Walker


The famous “Jim” twins, Jim Springer and Jim
Lewis, are identical twins adopted by different
families soon after birth and reunited 39 years later,
in 1979. At the time, there were only 19 reported
cases of reunited twins, so for psychologist Thomas
Bouchard — the man who studied them — this reunion
offered a rare opportunity to examine questions about
nature vs. nurture. The similarity of the twins'
separate lives shed light on the power of genes in
determining our lifestyles:

1. Both were named Jim by their adoptive parents.

2. Each had married two times, the first to a Woman
named Linda and the second to a woman named Betty.

3. Jim Springer named his son James Allen, while Jim
Lewis chose James Alan.

4. Both had dogs named Toy.

5. The two drank Miller Lite, smoked Salem’s and drove

6. Both shared carpentry as a hobby and had built
identical benches around trees in their backyard

7. They hated baseball and loved stock car racing.

8. They chewed their fingernails obsessively.

9. They both spent time as sheriff's deputies

10. Each was an average-to-poor student in High School

11. They had voted for the same candidate in the past
three presidential elections.

12. Each Jim doted on his wife by leaving love notes
for her around the house.

13. Both had had a vasectomy.


According to most psychologists, being a twin has no
inherent dire consequence psychologically. But when
you combined a bad twin dynamic with abuse, favoritism
or other negative family influences, the ramifications
can be catastrophic — as was the case for Sunny and
Jeen Han.

The Han girls were born in South Korea, a culture that
privileges the oldest child, even in twins — Sunny was
that lucky older twin. T ...

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