The Way Up Is Down by Robert Walker

EPH 3:14


While crossing the Atlantic, on an ocean liner,
F.B. Meyer was asked to address the passengers on the
subject of answered prayer. An agnostic, who was
present at the service was asked, "What did you think
of Dr. Meyer’s sermon?" To which he replied, "I
didn’t believe a word of it."

Later that afternoon, the agnostic was on his way
to another service, just to hear, as he put it, what
the "babbler had to say." He put two oranges in his
pocket, and as he walked toward the meeting place, he
passed an elderly woman, who was sitting in her chair,
fast asleep.

In the spirit of fun, the man slipped those two
oranges into her outstretched palms.

After the meeting, he saw the old lady happily
eating one of those oranges. He remarked, "You seem
to be enjoying those oranges ma’am!" To which she
replied, "Yes sir, my Father is very good to me!" He
said, "Your Father? Surely you father can’t still be
alive!" She exclaimed, "Praise God, He’s very much

She then went on to explain it to the agnostic,
and said, "You see, I’ve been sea sick for days. I
was asking God to somehow send me an orange to help
ease my sickness. I suppose I fell asleep while I was
praying. However, when I woke up, I found that He had
not only sent me one orange, but two!"

To this response, the agnostic was speechless.
Later on that same cruise, he was converted to Christ,
and was made a believer that God answers prayer!

In 1962, Victor and Mildred Goertzel published a
revealing study of 413 famous and exceptionally gifted
people, called Cradles of Eminence. They spent years
attempting to understand what produced such greatness
in these peoples’ lives.

Surprisingly, the most outstanding fact was that
virtually all of them, 392 out of 413, had faced
extremely difficult obstacles, and problems, in order
to ...

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